"Racing is life.  Anything before or after is just waiting."



John Mossey, Owner & Driving Coach

I've spent my entire life at the track.  From dusty karting tracks in Homestead, Florida to the sweeping grandeur of Monaco, over the past 15 years, I've had the chance to mingle, observe, and race on outstanding tracks across the world of motorsports.

I know what makes a good track.  I also know what makes a bad one; and I've learned that what really makes (or breaks) a day at the track, is how smoothly the experience itself goes.  There are a lot of things that can go wrongfrom blowing a motor to forgetting to pack a cooler; so I feel confident in saying that the best days at the track are the ones where everything was prepared perfectly, so you can focus on the cars and just enjoy driving.  

  • Porsche Driving Coach
    Full-time Porsche Driving Coach at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta.
  • Raced for Roar Racing
    Raced Mazda RX-8 Continental Challenge car regionally.
  • Raced Rotax Max, ICA, and TAG karts for 7 years
    Drove for Tony Kart USA, Kosmic Kart USA, and was a Gillard Factory Driver.
  • Coached by Jay Howard (Indy Car driver, Indy Lights, USF2000, British FBritish karting champion)
  • Began kart road racing at 13
    Started racing regionally, and soon joined the national race series.
  • Started racing Quarter Midgets at age 9
    Competed locally and nationally.

John is one of the most talented drivers I worked with over the years. I am glad to see him passing his knowledge on to other racers.
— Jay Howard (Indy Car Driver)

There are few experiences in my life that could top my track day with Mossey Motorsports! The entire experience was first-class from start to finish. John is a tremendous instructor who was very organized and prepared. The entire day whizzed by as we mixed up sessions on the track with educational video-review sessions off the track. I can’t say enough positive things about my track-day with Mossey Motorsports and would recommend them whole-heartedly!
— Michael M., President, Crisp Video Group

Expertise & Hospitality

Whether you are going to the track for the first time, or you are a seasoned veteran, our Track Day Concierge will let you get the most out of your weekend. I take care of all the details from beginning to end. Your car is prepped for you, you have hospitality, professional instruction, photography, onboard video, and your car is detailed after the weekend. All of this means you get to spend more time enjoying a great weekend at the racetrack with you and your friends and family. All while becoming a better, faster driver.


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Driving Coaching


My passion is racing.  I have been racing for over 15 years; we know what makes a great weekend at the track. My service takes care of everything for you so that you can have a great time and concentrate on becoming a better, faster driver.

My mission is to give you an unforgettable experience at a race track that will let you enjoy your time in the car and become a faster driver. 

Typically, track day coaching can be troublesome. Usually, you get assigned an instructor that may not have all the knowledge or skills necessary. Often, the only qualification required of them is a number of completed track days. This means that you can be taught bad habits that can not only make you slower, but can even be dangerous. 

My coaching is backed by 15 years of intensive racing experience. I have always been taught by the best in the business. This means that you are only taught the best technique, strategy, and etiquette.

Your instruction is also intentionally tailored to you. You learn what you need to learn when you should and in an easy to digest way. It is easy to get overwhelmed at the track, and I make sure you can always handle what you need to learn. 

I also use as many resources as I can to help us get the most out of your time on track. With onboard video, we can go over each run, turn-by-turn. 

All of this goes above and beyond what any other track day offers.


Concierge Services


I will arrange registration for the event. Your price includes this cost.

Car prep 
I talk with dealers, mechanics, and forums to make sure I know everything about your car and what it will, or won't need to be reliable and safe during the weekend.

At track hospitality
Tents, tables, chairs, fans or heaters, and drinks will be set up for you.

On board video
A GoPro and a car mount will be fitted to your car for all your runs. These will be used for coaching purposes, but also will be given to you at the end of the weekend.

Professional photography 
A photographer will be taking pictures of the experience on and off the track.

Catered food
Meals will be supplied for you and your guests at the track.

Professional driving instruction 
My coaching uses all of my experience and resources to make sure you learn as much as possible without being overwhelmed during your time at the track.

Post weekend detailing 
Once your car is back home, a mobile detailer will give your car a thorough wash.

Flash drive
After the weekend, you will get a flash drive with your onboard video, photography, and lap time charts.


At the end of the day, I want you to be safe and have fun. I create a comfortable environment unlike any other that lets you enjoy a day at the track with your car. I look forward to sharing my passion of speed with you.


It Might Be

Whether you have always wanted to take your car to the track but never have, or have done so plenty of times, this service is perfect for you. 

If you have never been, this is the best way to get into this sport we love. I handle everything for you so that it's stress free. You will quickly learn all of the etiquette and technique you need to get going. 

If you are a veteran, I will make your days at the track better, while helping you become a better, faster driver. The hospitality will let you relax more, and spend less time preparing for the weekend. The coaching will help you improve your driving every session. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of car works?

There aren't too many cars that WONT work. Chances are, even if your car isn't a powerful sports car, you can still have fun. You might even be surprised at what cars you will be passing on the track! 


It will depend on the weekend and what track days are available. I will work with you to schedule the right weekend and track for you.

can i bring friends/family?

Of course! A day at the track is best spent with friends and family. I encourage you to let me know how many are coming (for catering) but it is not required.

how will my car be prepared?

It will depend on your car. Some might need nothing more than setting tire pressures, some might need tires, brakes, paint protection, etc. The equipment and installation by professionals is NOT included in our price. However I will arrange with dealers or trusted shops to have it done.

What do i need to bring?

Proper clothing will be required (you will be notified what is needed). Everything else will be taken care of for you.

do you have group rates?

Yes. Send a message with your group's information (number of people, cars, availability). Depending on how many in the group, a full track rental might be available, which would be best. 

how far in advance do i have to schedule?

More a month in advanced is best. Less notice can usually be accommodated, but it is more difficult.

How Does Insurance Work?

I work with specialists in track day insurance for the best rates and coverage.

do i need any safety equipment?

If you have your own, you should bring it. If you do not, a helmet, gloves and any other required equipment will be provided for you. 

will i be racing anyone?

These will be NON-RACING events. You will be on track to improve your own driving. Through these events, I can guide you through the process of getting race certified. If you have a race prepped car and a race license, I have a full racing program for you.  


Question Request Form

If you have any other questions, just ask. I will respond promptly and thoroughly. 



While racing is a year round sport, there are only so many available weekends. Understand that it will be difficult (and some times impossible), to accommodate booking a track day experience less than a month in advance. We will work with you through the scheduling process to get you the best weekend possible. If you would like to book a group, we do have discounted pricing available upon request, but you will NOT be racing one another.  For any more questions, please check out the FAQ, drop me a line in the message section of your information request, or give me a call.  

Thank you, 
John Mossey 


(770) 845-9822

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